General Update!

Here’s a general update on the AOTC crew and what’s happening:
Chris Saunders is currently in Kentucky shooting a wedding and making bank. He should be back next week, and he’s got big plans.
I just got the stitches out of my knee, so after a few days I’ll be back on the bike, thanks god.
Chris Z, Craig, and the rest of the OSS guys along with a whole slew of the homies are in NY for the OSS Football premiere tomorrow night. Go if you can!
CB is straight up missing, as always.
Chris Z also went skydiving with his lady Nicole and they both survived to see another day. In other news they are now taking care of a baby squirrel named Theodore. Check some pictures of Teddy after the jump.


About Lucas D

I'm a freelance video producer with background in photography, motion graphics, and sound mixing. I'm also a car fanatic and general gearhead.
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