BMXFU Weekend

Chuck, Daggs, Krupa, Orbell, and Eric Marshall of the infamous BMXFU crew came down to Boston this past Wednesday night to chill and ride for the weekend. I wasn’t around too much during the week but I know lots of heavy riding, filming, drinking, and partying went down, which always makes for a solid trip. On Saturday, which was way too rainy for my liking, I drove over to Chris Z HQ to pack up some bikes and people into my car and troop it up to Rye for the 6-9 session. As always though, we got started late, so by the time the ten of us (Chuck, Daggs, Krupa, Orbell, Eric, Chris, CB, Nick, Tolley, and myself) made it up there it was already nearing 7. Luckily though, Chuck and Chris had talked to the dudes up there and we all ended up getting in for free under the premise that we film an edit for ESPN. We didn’t even start filming until 8 o’clock, but when the session ended at 8:45, the guys at Rye let us keep riding for about an hour after the place closed, which was dialed. Clocked tons of clips of everyone, and also almost got banned from the park, expect that edit soon.

After the session, we all went back to Chris Z’s to chill. Topics of discussion included: UN (krupa) vs. Circ (everyone else), twitter terrorism, and just how dead we all were to Eric. It was definitely a good time, I think Chris did his usual time-lapse thing so there will probably be a really stupid time lapse of us being idiots, not to mention the go-pro was everywhere all week.

So, here’s the official breakdown of the week/weekend:
# of beer bottles smashed on dudes head: 1 accomplished, countless other attempts
# of 30’s bought/consumed: like 12
# of taquitos bought: 69
# of clips stacked: 420
# of UN: 1
# of Circ: 9
# of cameras at any given time: 6
# of orders made during one sonic trip: 12
# of Photos taken: 100000000000000
# of times chuck and chris z smashed two fisheye lenses together: 1

All together, good ass weekend, and the FU dudes will be back soon….so get ready for more! Follow BMXFU on twitter too for the best tweets of your life


About Lucas D

I'm a freelance video producer with background in photography, motion graphics, and sound mixing. I'm also a car fanatic and general gearhead.
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