AOTC in Long Island

So this past weekend was the official AOTC Team Retreat in Long Island. Since Chris Z graduated college in Boston and moved back to LI, and CB graduated and moved back to the Cape, and Saunders moved up to NH, not much has been happening. Due to this, CB, Zack and myself drove down to Zep’s new house in Long Island on Friday, with the Bresnahans joining us later Friday night. It was a good weekend of partying and riding with all the Long Island guys. I filmed a little bit, and Jonny Nemecek shot some photos of the twins.  Check out both the photos and videos after the jump!

Dylan trucking an impossibly small spine

Ian 180-barring an upside down boat

Ian doing a bar-to-fakie on the boat

Yours truly and Chris repping

Here’s the edit from the weekend too!


About Lucas D

I'm a freelance video producer with background in photography, motion graphics, and sound mixing. I'm also a car fanatic and general gearhead.
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