Introducing the AOTC 5×5


AOTC 5x5 Logo

Took us a little longer than expected to get this project off the ground but its finally here. The idea behind the 5×5 is to showcase what goes on behind the scenes of AOTC. Mostly random iPhone or scrap HD clips from the 60d. The concept of the 5×5 is simple, 5, 5 second clips, with a 5 second intro, hence 5×5. Check out the 5×5 section on the site, or if your a Tumblr user, check out

Big thanks to Adam Spitalny for the intro/ title art!

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AOTC 2 Ultimate Week of Filming.


Last weekend Zack Cooke and Brett Silva came down to Boston on friday, we all got up early Saturday to put in work, but i blew up my shoulder before 11AM and was out for the weekend. Zack and Brett got a few things over the weekend, CB even got some clips he had been stressing over, which is always good. Come Sunday, Brett went back to cape cod, but since Zack has no life, he stayed in Boston with me/ CB to film for the week.

So Zack Cooke (A-Game bike rider) and myself, (A-Game injured idiot/filmer) spent the week riding every spot we could. The result was awesome, he filmed pretty much his whole section this week, now hes just got to tie up some odds and ends. Brett came back down on friday, and we were able to get some clips of him. The other big deal this weekend was Ian and Dylan Bresnahan coming down to boston and filming an unbelievable 25 clips between the two of them. Their section is going to be nutty and filmed on like 3 spots over the course of 2 days.

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Chris Z Blew It

Chris Z and myself went out filming yesterday morning in Boston at 9AM with the mission of filming a full length “Chris Z is Back” edit.  But he blew it and hurt his shoulder again.  Nice one.

On the flip side, Zack and Brett came up this weekend, so CB, Chris Z, Zack, Brett, Adam Spit, Gary, and myself cruised around and got some filming done.  Good day for sure

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Filmed this 2 weeks ago. I am in Copenhagen, Denmark right now, visiting my girlfriend, but my shoulder feels good and I should be back on the bike at like %75 next week. New Edit coming soon!

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So AOTC now officially has two representatives posting on Scott Marceau’s website Pushitastop, both Chris Saunders and myself, so go check it out!

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Chris Zep TCU Edit


We put this out like a month ago. A week after making this I fell and separated my shoulder pretty bad, so i haven’t been able to ride since, but check this and check back soon for something new in the next week…


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Warm Weather

Temperatures just broke 50 again, and the sun is teasing us with her presence, so Saunders and I are going to go cruise around and get some clips for the upcoming video!

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VX Mixtape

I found about 10 old tapes from when I had my VX2000, and most of the footage had never been used, let alone captured. So, this is a mixtape compiled of all that old footage, circa summer/fall 2009. Featuring (in order of appearance): Chris Zeppieri, Chris Saunders, Chris Tolley, CB Coombs, John Ludwick, Dave Del, Craig Passero, Abdul Fofanah, Jody Stoddard, Lorne Tabb, Memet Ozgoren, Lucas D’Angelo, Kevin Robinson, and Josh Lane

Filmed by: Lucas D’Angelo, CB Coombs, and Chris Saunders

Snaga & Pillath
“Pillath 30 Bars”

The Three Degrees
“You’re the Fool”

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26 Seconds with Jake Frost

Quick little ledge session at Rye…beat by mass appeal,

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Chris Zeppieri Tech Tour

AOTC Co-Creater Chris Z recently got a tech tour on unplggd featuring his super well designed apartment workshop in Boston.  Check out the full article and read what Chris has to say about all his gear here.


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