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I'm a freelance video producer with background in photography, motion graphics, and sound mixing. I'm also a car fanatic and general gearhead.

Animal Jam at 90east

Lino over at 90east is hosting Ed, Mike, and Nigel at the shop 2pm Sunday the 21st. There’s gonna be some contests, Animal goodies to give away, and who knows, you might see a switch crook to whip in person…except … Continue reading

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AOTC in Long Island

So this past weekend was the official AOTC Team Retreat in Long Island. Since Chris Z graduated college in Boston and moved back to LI, and CB graduated and moved back to the Cape, and Saunders moved up to NH, … Continue reading

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AOTC Now Available at Fat Trax

Greg at Fat Trax just got some copies of AOTC 2 for their shop out in Western Mass, so go grab a copy!

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AOTC Team Weekend

11 of us AOTC teammates are soon to be congregating for a cult meeting in NY. Chris Z, Saunders, Tolley, Nick, Jake, the Twins, CB, Brett, Zack, and myself. Get ready.

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AOTC 2 Premiere Success!

As many of you may know we had our world premiere for AOTC 2 at 90east in Boston, MA last night.  We got a great turnout and everyone was psyched on the video!  I saw some people taking a couple … Continue reading

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We’re in the final stages of filming, and once BMXFU leaves again this weekend, the final DVD is getting finished up and sent to the duplicators.  The premiere is tentatively set to be June 3rd and 90east in somerville MA. … Continue reading

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BMXFU Weekend

Chuck, Daggs, Krupa, Orbell, and Eric Marshall of the infamous BMXFU crew came down to Boston this past Wednesday night to chill and ride for the weekend. I wasn’t around too much during the week but I know lots of … Continue reading

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Chris Z Blew It

Chris Z and myself went out filming yesterday morning in Boston at 9AM with the mission of filming a full length “Chris Z is Back” edit.  But he blew it and hurt his shoulder again.  Nice one. On the flip … Continue reading

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So AOTC now officially has two representatives posting on Scott Marceau’s website Pushitastop, both Chris Saunders and myself, so go check it out!

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Warm Weather

Temperatures just broke 50 again, and the sun is teasing us with her presence, so Saunders and I are going to go cruise around and get some clips for the upcoming video!

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